About Us

At MuscleFire®, the goal is to solve one of the biggest problems in the health and fitness industry. MOTIVATION. Will you walk through the gym doors for your lift session or group fitness class? This is where MuscleFire® clothing co. comes into play!

Throughout the history of fitness (approx 10,000 BC), to survive in the environment of natural/human obstacles + enemies, man HAD to run, walk, jump, balance, lift, crawl, climb, carry, throw and fight. This day in age requires a bit more motivation to get fit or meet lifestyle goals.

In 2004, I (Ryan Lund) purchased musclefire.com, and started dabbling with graphic design, logos, etc., eventually coming up with a skull/barbell as the brands logo for which was purely a motivational fitness clothing company, targeting the active lifestyles men, women and kids lead.

Customer feedback was greater than expected, with weekly requests for new designs, yet the original skull/barbell (Now called Muskull) always came back as the winner-winner-chicken-dinner t-shirt design. You've maybe seen or met us at a fitness show a time or two, as we’ve popped up throughout the midwest over the last five years, sponsoring kick butt amateur and professional fitness competitors, including bodybuilders, physique, figure, and powerlifters, plus having a MuscleFire® booth at the famous Europa Sports Show in Dallas Texas.

Let’s be honest, most of us wear clothes (unless you live in a secluded nudist colony, or have made an appearance on the reality show, Naked and Afraid), so why not sport the latest and greatest in motivational fitness wear and apparel out on the town or in the gym!
Here’s to keeping you motivated and accomplishing your fitness goals.

Ryan Lund - CEO/Founder

Jarrod Parde - VP/Marketing

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