How did the musclefire brand start? I get this question quite frequently, so here it is in brief. I’m a logo and web designer, as well as a fitness enthusiast. Put those together and you’ve got yourself a cool logo, an e-commerce website, and some bad ass clothing and apparel. Now, it’s not just that easy. I was fortunate enough to have Jarrod come on board in order to help with sales, public relations, and printing. Over the years, we’ve accomplished a lot, from traveling and setting up our booth at fitness shows in the mid-west, meeting incredible people/competitors at shoe shows, and of course inking shirts through the wee hours of the night, and shipping all orders ourselves.

Now, we’ve decided to add on to the brand with multiple sports, thus incorporating the word “industries” to the musclefire name. Motivational clothing and apparel for sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, volleyball, etc. The demand for this was there and we had to answer the call. We look forward to seeing all the newest lines of musclefire gear on your backs and heads in the near future, and hoping you lead a positive and motivating lifestyle.

Cheers to all!

Ryan Lund

Jarrod Parde